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Instructor Cathy Mahr

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4134 School Blvd Monticello MN, 55362

(Just behind the Walmart store off of Highway 25.  We share the parking lot with the Monticello Pet Hospital and are in the lower level of the commercial building acrossed from the pet hospital.  Entrance on the end of the building facing school blvd.)

Monticello Pet Hospital

4134 School Blvd

Monticello MN, 55362




All classes are held at the new Monticello Pet Hospital 4134 School Blvd. in Monticello (right behind Walmart’s loading dock). Equipment needed: Vaccinations according to your veterinarian’s recommendation, collar and leash, dog treats and soft dog toy.. Start Dates listed on the Monticello Community Education Website.

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Monticello Community Education.





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Intro to Dog Agility - This class will introduce you and your dog to beginning level agility obstacles. Obstacles such as tunnels, jumps, and contact obstacles. We will teach beginning handling skills, and control. Your dog must have done Basic Obedience prior to taking this class. Bring dog treats, plain collar and leash, and a dog toy. 1 hour class. Prerequisite: Basic Obedience or instructors approval.

Retrievers Level I - This class is for Young Retrievers 3 months to 9 months old, it will cover all of our basic obedience skills as well as focus on delivery of dumbbells and bumpers, to hand. We have tons of tricks and training strategy that will get your puppy off to the best possible start.


"Rally Obedience, combines characteristics of sports car racing, dog agility, and traditional obedience into a new fun sport." Rally is timed, includes 12-20 performance stations depending on the level of participation, and is scored by a judge who watches for a smooth performance as well as skill in following the directions at each station. In this class we will introduce all of the rally obedience stations and help train your dog in the correct performance of each exercise. And then help you learn to put it all together for a simple rally course. Prerequisite: Basic Obedience or instructors approval.


Puppy Kindergarten - This class is for puppies 9 weeks to 5 months old. Here puppies learn needed social skills. They meet and play with other puppies. They meet new people and learn about sitting for petting, instead of jumping, as well as how to play without biting people. Basic obedience commands are taught, such as come, sit and down, as well as some cute tricks. 30 minute class.

Basic Obedience - This class is for dogs 6 months and older. Here we work on basic obedience commands such as heel, sit , stay, come, stand and down. All training is done on leash, collar recommendations will be made by the instructor, based on each dogs individual temperament. 1 hour class

Intermediate Obedience - This class will help to proof everything that you have learned in your basic classes. You will be working toward better on-leash as well as advancing toward off-leash work. 1 hour class


Competition Obedience -  In our Basic and Intermediate Obedience classes we have cover all of the Novice obedience exercises.  Now we move on in our competition obedience class.   Here we will work on open and Utility level work:   Drop on recall, retrieve on the flat and over the high jump as well as teaching the broad jump exercises from the open level competition AKC Classes.  The signal exercises, scent discrimination, directed jumping, the moving stand and the glove exercise from Utility level competion AKC Classes with be included.  This will be an on going class, with work on 3 or 4 of the above exercises every evening.