• Puppy Kindergarten, Basic  Obedience, Intermediate Obedience,  Retriever training, Rally Obedience and Agility classes are forming now.

Click here for link to 2017 Classes at our Monticello training Center


Retrievers Etc.              

St. Michael, Minnesota

 All Breed Obedience and Retriever Training Classes.


Visit us on Facebook.  (Remember during the winter we post closings  due to weather,  on Facebook.) So please check there.

Class Calendar


Classes below are at the training center in Monticello, MN

To Register for classes-  Phone 763 295 3410

New Classes starting:

Puppy Kindergarten:  meets at 6 PM 
Basic Obedience:  meets at 7 PM 
Intermediate:  meets at 8 PM 
Start Dates:

February 21, 2017 No Class March 7, and March 14 or March 28, 2017
 5 weeks of Class-- Cost  $75


Rally Obedience:  meets at 6 PM 
Competition Obedience:  meets at 7 PM 
Agility:  meets at 8 PM 
Start Dates:

February 22, 2017 No Class March  8,  2017
4 Weeks of Class --Cost  $60


And don't forget, for those of us who can't get enough.  Join the Dog Addicts Club.  Pay a monthly fee of $120.  And come to as many of our 8 PM classes as you want.
Rally 8 PM  Monday
Intemdiate Obedince 8 PM  Tuesday and Thursday.
Agility 8 PM Wednesday.

Oh heck, just come for all evening on Wednesday
Rally at 6 PM
Competition Obedience at 7 PM
Agility at 8PM.

To see start dates for all of our up coming classes, click link below. 


2017 Classes at our Monticello training Center

Monticello Pet Hospital Dog Training Center

4134 School Blvd Monticello MN, 55362

To Register for classes-  Phone 763 295 3410


Click the link above to meet some of our dogs.


Chesapeake Bay Retrievers are and will continue to be working dogs, we simply must find the time to give them a job to do.  Obedience competition is an easily available job, there are training classes almost everywhere, and Obedience Trials within driving distance of just about everyone. Our dogs seem to take no greater pleasure than to spend their time with us, just offer them a challenge and they rise to meet it.




Monticello Com. Ed.

 Elk River Com. Ed.

  St. Michael Com. Ed.

Shaping the Clicker Retrieve

Basic Obedience Homework

Maggie rally novice title 2016

Congratulation to  Daryl and Maggie New Rally Novice B Title October 8, 2016  She  Scored at perfect 100, and took Second Place.;

Congratulations to Rachel M. and Chilli.
New CDX leg and a High in Trial,
 Score 196

August 25, 2016

Congratulation to Jennifer O'brien and Buster on a new  Therapy Dog Certification thru TDI.  December 22 2015  These guys are a great team.



April 5, 2015 Tanner CDX

Congratulations to Daryl McClean and Tanner on a  new Companion Dog Excellent title, April 5, 2015

Congratulations to Jody  Halvorson and Stella on a new Junior Hunter title.  May 17, 2015


Retrievers Etc.

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